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Hi I am DEREK RICHARDS and since September 2013 I have joined SilverCloud Health Ltd. as their Director of Clinical Research & Innovation. I also hold a Research Fellow post at the School of Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin.

In collaboration with our partners we are exploring many new avenues of implementation and research using online delivered interventions. Some of these include interventions developed for people with long-term physical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and also people with long-term neurological conditions such as acquired brain injury.

With the innovative and highly engaging SilverCloud platform we are certainly breaking new ground in the development and delivery of online psychological interventions. Check out some of the research we are engaged with presently.

Previous, since 2001, I worked at the University of Dublin, Trinity College. I have worked in the area of learning support and development and also, and more particularly, in the development of online mental health.

From 2006 until 2011 I was manager of the Online Mental Health Project at Trinity College Dublin. The group worked at development, implementation, & researching a variety of educational, prevention and treatment interventions online for eating disorders, alcohol, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Online & Technology Delivered Mental Health Interventions

During 2006 while I was completing a masters in IT and learning I was interested to investigate how I could construct an online community for mental health. Using constructivist principles and a model of informal learning a portal called the Trinity Online Mental Health Community was born. READ MORE

My interest in the area steadily grew and during those years I was lucky enough to receive funding from the European Science Foundation to host the first ever European workshop in Technology in Counselling and Psychotherapy. READ MORE

In 2007 I wrote a proposal for funding to carry out my PhD research. I received funding to conduct a study: "Online treatments for depression: A randomised parallel group trial". READ MORE


Derek Richards

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